Honored & Proud describes this special project. One of my friends that helps me make sure Studio MSP’s clients look good, is New Vibe Productions CEO, Christoph Millet. During the Covid-19 here in New Braunfels Texas, we had visited about some footage Christoph acquired during the stay-at-home order. I asked what he was going to do with it ? he said “nothing at this point. What do you have in mind?” . . So glad he asked! We visited about something i had seen from Austin Texas for their stay-at-home order. Liked the video, but did not agree with the message. So when the opportunity presented itself, i wanted to do somethings that showed New Braunfels coming together as small town community.So we sat out to get what each of us wanted to add to this project. Helping your neighbor. Supporting local, SUPPORTING NB! . . * This video is the product of two men who love the town they live in, and the love a community has for its town. Please Enjoy!
( Thank you Christoph, this project was heart warming and powerful. . All your hard work is much appreciated Sir! )