Community Special Events with NewBraunfels.Today

Honored & Proud describes this special project. One of my friends that helps me make sure Studio MSP’s clients look good, is New Vibe Productions CEO, Christoph Millet. During the Covid-19 here in New Braunfels Texas, we had visited about some footage Christoph acquired during the stay-at-home order. I asked what he was going to do with it? he said “nothing at this point. What do you have in mind?” . . So glad he asked! We visited about something I had seen from Austin Texas for their stay-at-home order. Liked the video, but did not agree with the message. So when the opportunity presented itself, I wanted to do some things that showed New Braunfels coming together as a small-town community. So we sat out to get what each of us wanted to add to this project. Helping your neighbor. Supporting local, SUPPORTING NB!. * This video is the product of two men who love the town they live in, and the love a community has for its town. Please Enjoy!
( Thank you, Christoph, this project was heartwarming and powerful. . All your hard work is much appreciated, Sir! )